We are really excited to get started on our newest project in Southpark, check it out!


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Professionals Wanted

Recently we have received a greater number of calls than normal regarding code compliance issues. Everything from non-permitted additions and garage enclosures to setback and easement encroachments are becoming bigger issues than they have been in the past. Often these are greeted by the City with “submit documents, pay the fees and be on your way”. Sometimes the consequences are more extensive, including removal of work and sometimes remediation of hillsides and landscaping. As zoning and building codes become more and more complicated even including “green” requirements it is more important than ever to consult a professional prior to beginning even what appears to be a small project. I am biased, but I like to think an Architect is a good first source regarding any thing to do with the built environment. We may not have the answer but if not can more than likely point the correct direction. I do not know about other offices but we will do a site visit and consultation at no cost and will not hesitate to recommend a different approach if our services are not needed. Especially as Cities try and squeeze every possible dollar out of the populace this is one case where it is better to ask permission than forgiveness!

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Thanks to everyone for comments on the new site!


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Education of an Architect

There is much discussion in the Academic world about the current state of the architectural profession.  Most of this centers around the thought that the 'traditional" office structure of one or two Principal Architects surrounded by additional Architects and various support staff is dead or dying.  The alternative is a world of collaboration where everyone has an equal seat at the table and no one, certainly not an Architect is in charge. The problems with this scenario are numerous; First if the goal of Architecture is to actually build, both structures and spaces (I know this is not the prevailing thinking in many arenas), then somebody needs to lead otherwise nothing gets past the idea stage which in my opinion is not Architecture, it is simply that, an Idea. Second regardless of what the Academic elite want us to think it is still and likely for some time to come exactly the traditional office which is building.  Ironically some point to the decreasing size of major Architectural firms and the increasing number of small 2-10 person office which are proliferating since there are not many jobs to go around.  I think that is great, if you look at most small offices they embody the "independent genius" model made popular by Ayn Rand and demonized by academics in recent years. Lastly although it may change some day states license individuals, not companies, not collaborations, not groups, individuals.  No matter how a project of any significant size and many smaller but no less important ones, gets designed, before it is permitted and constructed someone stamps and signs each sheet, Architect, Engineer, Landscape Architect or other professional puts their name and license on the line. This in order to protect the life safety an welfare of the public, not I think a bad thing.

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