Schematic Design

During the initial design phase we generally prepare alternate site plans, floor plans and elevations including several sketches which will begin to show the overall character of the proposed building. We also investigate zoning, setbacks and design guidelines in order to ensure we are designing something which can actually be permitted and built. This process relies heavily on client input and commentary and often consists of several design charrettes and review meetings.

Design Development

Based on the approved schematic design, we then proceed to prepare a set of preliminary construction drawings which coordinate the architectural design with the structural and civil engineers, the landscape design, mechanical and electrical design and engineering.  Along with these preliminary drawings we also begin to look at specific material and color selections and often prepare a material board showing sample materials and colors for discussion.




Construction Documents


Once the Design Development Documents have been reviewed and approved, we continue the effort toward the completion of the Construction Documents.  These documents include Architectural working drawings and specifications for all building components. These are the detailed instructions which are used to construct the final project. Although there are always changes and revisions the closer these drawings are to representing the desires of the client and Architect the smoother the job will go.

City review and Project bidding

After construction documents are completed we will submit the document to the appropriate jurisdiction for review. Once comments are received we make changes necessary to enable the client and/or Contractor to obtain the Building Permit. During the bidding process we continue to support and coordinate with client as needed to ensure accurate pricing for the work shown in the construction documents.  During this process we answer questions from Contractors and review questions with the client or consultants and prepare clarifications or addenda. 


Construction Contract Administration

During the Construction Contract Administration phase, we would perform limited administration of the Construction Contract.  This includes visits to the site as necessary to become familiar with the progress and quality of work. Additionally we provide field reports showing the current status of the project as well as action items both old and new.  Behind the scenes are endless calls and e-mails between the client/contractor and our office to clarify issues, fine tune the design assist with final selections of products and materials and numerous other details. This service is critical to the successful completion of the project and to make sure the final product is consistent with the client’s needs and Architectural vision.